Welcome to the Eurecat's
Multimedia Tecnologies Unit

The Multimedia Technologies Unit (MTU) at Eurecat has three main research groups for audio processing, image processing, and interactive visualization. Check out our open source code in Github-MTU.

Audio processing

From 2009 to 2012, in the context of the 2020 3D Media project (ICT-2007-1) Eurecat’s audio research group developed the 3D audio technology that offered a truly immersive experience. This technology engineered the start-up ImmSound, one of the world pioneering companies in bringing 3D audio to cinema, which has been recently acquired by Dolby Laboratories. The audio group is willing to repeat the successful experience focusing in new research lines in the field of developing software/hardware solutions for 3D music production.

Image processing

The image processing group focuses on computer vision technologies for image, video, and 3D multi-view content. In particular, the group has extensive experience in: object and feature detection, object segmentation and tracking in videos, natural video alpha-matting, image and video (2D and 3D) inpainting, depth estimation, depth processing and enhancement, 3D reconstruction from multiples views, and novel view synthesis. The latest research of the group has been focusing on extending computer vision algorithms into GPU programming and to solve problems under deep learning paradigms.

Interactive Visualization

The Laboratory of Virtual Visualization in Eurecat’s Multimedia Technologies Unit focuses its activity on immersive and interactive data representation, to improve the understanding of complex information, and adding value to the context of the heterogeneous data sources involved on mixing geolocated data, Industrial and Digital assets through optimal User Experience interfaces. A wide array of outputs and devices (Smart glasses, holograms, desktop, etc) are always involved with the objective of facilitating the adoption of state of the art interaction technology.